Do you provide the after service?2023-08-09T13:56:45+08:00

Yes, you can send our product back for repair or examination. Please fill the after service form and send it back with the product

How do I know if the capacity of the valve will meet my demend?2022-03-17T13:38:44+08:00

Please inform us the pressure, fluid and size of the valve. We will recommend the corresponding model for you.

What is the difference between the seal type and lever type of the valve?2022-03-17T13:38:18+08:00

It depends on if you can accept the fluid to leak. Generally speaking, The seal type is seal designed on the top to prevent the leakage. It can be used with the higher temperature or corrosive, noble fluid. The lever type have the manual discharge testing function so it’s not 100% sealed. It can be use with water, and other fluid that’s safe to be leaked. Also, due to the complexity of the structure. The price of the lever type is higher than the seal type.

Do safety valve need regular maintainance?2022-03-17T13:37:53+08:00

In order to protect the valve and extend the life of it, please make sure the clean condition of your pipe line system .The valve might rust and decrease the functionality If the fluid in the pipe line is water . We suggest you to check the valve once for 6 months for the safety

Can your safety valve work with fluid such as kerosene, Argon, Ammonia …e.t.c?2022-03-17T13:37:29+08:00

Yes, and we will suggest you to use the model with PTFE soft seat for the fluid beside Air and Water. The PTFE have better seal capacity . The soft pad seal have the better air tight, zero leakage. It won’t leak the noble gas for any waste or corrosive fluid leakage which cause danger to the staff. Please let us know before ordering if the temperature of the fluid is surpass 150°C.

What materail should I choose for the valve?2022-03-17T13:24:40+08:00

Generally for the low pressure air using valve from 10-20 KG set pressure. We recommend you to use our bronze safety valve “S10”. If the pressure is higher or it is use for corrosive fluid please go for our SUS steel serious “FGX”

Why is the set pressure on your valve don’t match what my pressure gauge shows?2022-03-17T13:23:30+08:00

There will be errors between different gauges caused by the operation use time, specification of precision. These will make the gauges show the different reading. The pressure gauge we the company use will have the periodic internal/ external calibration to make sure it’s accuracy. If you still have concern of the pressure, please send the valve back to us for examine. There will be a inspection fee needed if there’s no issue with the valve.

Why my valve broke just after fews days I install it?2022-03-17T13:22:56+08:00

Safety valve is the last ditch of your facility ,machine and pipe line system. When the pressure raise and reach the set pressure, the valve discharge. There’s a greater chance some foreign matter stock between disk and seat and cause insufficient which cause leakage. That means the valve have served its purpose to protect your facility, it’s not just about the lifespans. The safety valve is the consumables product, please kindly understand. If you need repairment, please send it back to us for the reparation.

Can you set the reseating pressure?2022-03-17T13:22:23+08:00

The reseating pressure is decided by the mechanical design of the valve. We cannot set the reseating pressure.

What type of the Y type cylinder contol valve is yous ? Normally open or close type?2022-03-17T13:19:18+08:00

Our standard Y type valve in stock is Normally close type. If you need the Normelly open type, please inform us before ordering.

Can I adjust the set pressure of the safety valve on my own?2022-03-17T13:18:49+08:00

Safety valve is a pipe line system protection component. We don’t recommend you to adjust the set pressure by your own for the safety reason. Please contact us and send back the valve. We will adjust the pressure and make sure the valve stay fully function for you. (Adjustment fee needed) The warranty will be expired if you adjust it by your own and we the company also won’t be responsible for the potential problem.

Can safety vavle install with flange?2022-03-17T13:18:21+08:00

Yes sure. The valve made with SUS steel can add the flange spec ANSI, PN, JIS ..e.t.c as customers requirements.

The valve leak after discharge. Is there any way for easy trouble shooting?2022-03-17T13:17:58+08:00

After the pressure reach the set pressure and valve discharge. There’s a greater chance some foreign matter stock between valve’s disk and seat. It will lead to insufficient seal which cause leakage. We suggest you to discharge the valve again, use the controllable high pressure air or water to blow away the foreign matter. If the valve is still leaking, please send it back to us for repairment. *The safety valve is a consumables component. There will be repairment fee needed*

The valve start to leak before the the pressure reach its set pressure. Is there anything wrong with the setting ?2022-03-17T13:16:33+08:00

The safety valve will begin the initial discharge when the pressure raised and reaching to the set pressure (so call minor discharge) .This is the mechanical working characteristics of the valve. The safety valve is like the fuse. The purpose is to prevent the pressure container explode by discharge the pressure out. It’s not design to adjust the pressure in the system

Which standard do your vavle producing follow? Do you have any certification ?2022-03-14T16:43:35+08:00

Our design and production of valve is following ISO 4126 and CE PED order. All our product is certificated with CE certification. Able to be sold in EU region.

Do you have any spot goods valve? How long is the leadtime ?2022-03-14T16:43:55+08:00

The regular valve has parts in stock waiting for assembling and adjustment for different customer’s equipments setting pressure. We test and adjust all the valve before shipping. It will take around 3 days. Some of the special valve is customer made order excepted. If you have bulk order or urgent need, please contact us for further assistance.

How is the paymnet process?2022-03-14T16:43:51+08:00

The customer who is ordering with us in the first time will need to remit the full payment before shipping. If there’s any special requirement please don’t hesitates to let us know.

I have a special valve. I can’t find it anywhere in the market. Can you replicate it for me?2022-03-14T16:44:08+08:00

You are looking for the right place. We have all range of OEM, ODM, Reverse Engineering experience and equipment. Please fill the OEM form for your need and our professional engineer will work our best to make it happened.

I ordered the wrong product. Can I return it?2022-03-14T16:44:12+08:00

The safety valve is the consumables product . Once the valve pop it will likely damage, because of that we do not accept the return. Please make sure you purchase the correct specification before order.

How much is the shipping fee?2022-03-14T16:44:21+08:00

The order over NT$5,000 will be free shipping for shipment within the Taiwna island and outlying islands
. Oversea shipping will need for further quotation.

Do you provide custom-made order?2022-03-14T16:44:51+08:00

Yes, for the special specification, temperature, pressure…e.t.c. Please contact use for the further information.

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